Fortune telling with regular playing cards

Hi, my readers! I have not published recently. But now I got inspired and I want to share my new hobby with you – it is fortune telling with regular playing cards.

I was staying away from the regular playing cards and was using tarot cards instead. But I recently realised it is not that difficult to use the regular playing cards for fortune telling provided that you are already familiar with the meaning of most tarot cards.

Let me give you a screen shot from a recent spread.

As  you can see each playing card has a corresponding card in the tarot deck. There is no Major arcana however. Nevertheless, playing cards turned out to be interesting to use.

I also downloaded a book from Amazon about fortune telling with regular playing cards that was very useful for me.
To sum up, if you know tarot give also the regular playing cards a try. 🙂 They seem accurate for me so far.